Continued learning for remote leaders

Courses & certifications :medal_sports:

Our team at GitLab has created two courses and certifications for remote teams and leaders:

  1. GitLab’s Remote Work Foundations Certification
  2. Remote Team Management (hosted on Coursera)

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What are the best remote work or remote leadership trainings you’ve taken? Share them here!

For me the Remote Team Management course on Coursera was very helpful.



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Is it ok to post links to other resources like books or online courses? My previous post got marked as SPAM. I only linked to a book that I found useful, but not even to amazon… I´m in no way affiliated to the book or it´s makers.

Isn´t this topic meant to share those things? A clarification would be appreciated, because I don´t want to break any rules. :confused:

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Hi Jens :wave:

Glad you’re here! Looks like that was flagged by mistake – we absolutely want other resources shared here :raised_hands: Please feel free to add it back in now that the post is restored. Thanks for sharing!

I have published a remote work Kindle book and video series. Am I allowed to post those links here considering I am the creator?

Absolutely! This is a space for everyone to contribute resources, ideas, and questions. Thanks for joining!


Thanks for sharing!