Group and Project(s) permissions for a new user

Hello, I’ve become the newest GitLab frontend adminitrator at a new job. We are running GitLab Community Edition 14.9.5 on RHEL 7.9. At my old job I upgraded the GitLab application from the backend operating system including configuring repos and performed both yum and manual upgrades with rpm packages, but this is my first time adminstering access for users and groups on the frontend of the GitLab.

Our organization has approximately 36 active users, 4 Admins, 800+ projects, and 30+ groups and all GitLab users are currently within the IT group in our company. We recently received a ticket for a user outside of the IT group who is a web developer and needs the ability to create and manage multiple repositories (projects). The user is request to having a group added for his division of the company, or have permission from IT to stand up his own GitLab server in our Infrastructure, which we do not want.

Is it possible to create a new group, let’s say called “sales” and have the requestor of the ticket added to a group or subgroups that can manage and create new projects (repositories) without granting him any access to the IT projects (repositories)?


Hi @SwampFox843

Yes, if you add a member to a group he/she will have access only to the group and all projects and subgroups in it. Basically if you create a group my_group and add user to it: /my_group/**/* glob pattern :slight_smile: