Permissions within Groups


On our GitLab implementation I’ve been using groups so that projects don’t belong to an individual programmer. At present we have two groups, one for active projects and a second for legacy projects.

One of my colleagues has said he can’t create new projects within the group. He was given the status of “Developer.”

Is project creation within a group a privilege that is fixed at the level of “Master” or is there a setting I can change to open this up to all developer level members.

Hey @scmjerram, welcome to the community forum.

By default Developers and Maintainers are allowed to create projects under a group, so this setting may have been intentionally changed to limit project creation to Maintainer only, I’d check that.

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Hmm… I can’t see that option on my installation

@scmjerram What version are you running?

It says 10.8.2-ee.

@scmjerram That is likely the reason then. According to our documentation you’ll need to be on at least 11.10 if you don’t have a license to use that feature.

Thanks, I have inherited this system so am getting a handle on it, I didn’t personally install it so parts of maintenance are still a learning curve.

Is there anything in there about how components are upgraded? Should there be options from the control panel or is it command line only.

I don’t have command line access to the server (yet).