Create user subgroups?


I’ve a naïve question regarding groups in gitlab. It seems we can’t create subgroup directly as a user to organize project without creating a top level group.
For example I expect urls like these for consistency

Instead of

(where mygroup1 has to be a unique here)

I thought there was a “default” group during user creation so we could create subgroup directly.

I wonder if there is a reason why it is not possible currently ?


I don’t know the exact design reasons for it, but from my experience, you’ll also manage permissions and roles on the group level. A user is beneath a group in the hierarchy, vice versa would become overly complicated. I could also imagine that this would be a performance killer in terms permission checks.

Sub groups are currently only possible for a group, and you can go down to 20 sub group levels. As far as I can see there’s a feature request to allow converting the username into a group.

If you want to preserve the username string as group name, I’d suggest the following swap: 1) Create a group called userg 2) Rename user to user-old 3) Rename userg to user. Then transfer the projects.