Bug? User can't create new project in their subgroup

HI everyone

We have a group in gitlab where all members are owners. Within that group we created a subgroup. It seems that the permission are inherited. But no one except the creator of the subgroup can create a new project in that subgroup. If we grant the owner permission again to each one in the subgroup then everyone can create a new project in that subgroup. I thought this will be inherited by its parent group. It that that supposed to be or is that a bug? Anyone else dealing with that issue?

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I am experiencing the same problem. We would like to use the subgroup functionality to really inherit all permissions of the parent group.This should include the permission to create repositories as well.

We are experiencing this too. The same scenario as kwiesser described. We expect all permissions to be inherited into subgroups unless explicitly changed at the subgroup level. That is how I understood it to work based on the documentation here https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/user/group/subgroups/