Customize the pipeline stages icon for specific job in Gitlab

Hello All,

            In my project i have different stages in the pipeline like 
  1. development build status
  2. qa_build status
  3. deploy status
  4. release status
    I want to differ the qa_build pipeline stages icon from default stages icon in the pipeline.
    since we introduced newly qa_build in the pipeline, just i want to show this pipeline stages icon should be unique.
    In Normal build pipeline stages icon followed by

    Is it possible to change the stages icon with customize one according to my need like

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated

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I’m not aware of a feature being available in gitlab for this.

However, gitlab’s community version is open for contributions, and I believe you are allowed to clone the project, modify non-proprietary code, and build your own version of gitlab.

If you know ruby and JavaScript, would be a fun side project.

Gitlab has documentation for their team members to be able to test their code changes locally, a similar would be done when you modify the code to have the feature you are requesting. That can be found here

Thanks for the response, Actually i want this feature as configurable one without cloning the gitlab and make it as non-proprietary code , since if it is any new version of gitlab available in future i need to upgrade and also in my project they are not willing to clone and try to use the upstream gitlab version.

Can you please suggest any other alternative method available to achieve this.

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