Cycle analytics with issue boards

Hello, I’m using EE here, with multiple issue boards and cycle analytics. Here is the setup I am wanting, and I wonder if anyone can help me figure out how to make this work:

  1. There is an issue board for a milestone that represents one sprint/release/cycle. Devs take bugs and features from the backlog and progress it through our process until the work is done.
  2. We want to follow the Cycle Analytics guide, which states that every merge request must close an issue for it to be counted. This means that when the dev creates the MR, he or she puts “Closes #1234” in the title. When the MR is merged, the issue is closed.
  3. When the issue is closed, it automatically moves to the “Done” column in the issue board. Ordinarily this would be fine, except that we have stages that we want to happen after the dev is finished (i.e. QA).

I could add a label like “QA Needed” to the issue when it is closed by MR using templates, but the issue is still closed and so it shows up in the “Done” column. Is there any way I can have our devs close issues with MRs but also be able to hand off the issue to the QA team when they are finished?

Exactly the same situation here. @denaje did you find any solution?

One possibility could be the QA team run the testes before the merge, but for this I’ll need to create special enviroment for every branch/MR. Unfortunately this is not viable in my situation.

Hello, I am facing the same issue on my board, and I am wondering if anyone can advice on the best practice here…?