Using Label Lists on Boards to manage workflow

I’m a project manager new to using GitLab for issue tracking. Having used JIRA workflows for years, I’m finding the use of status (open or closed) and labels (to create lists on boards) a bit inconsistent. Auto-closing a ticket on merge leaves that last label present on the issue. On the board the issue appears in the native Closed column, but also has the last label (in our case “In Review”).
The exception to this is when the board is used and tickets are drag-and-dropped into a column. That behavior is consistent and removes the previous list label. The documentation on the auto-close configuration does not include options for label updates.
Is there a way to have the last “status” label removed (or replaced) when an issue is auto-closed?

Hi @EricVoetberg

This is a good question! There are a few ways:

  1. you can use the gitlab-triage gem to create a bot to do this clean-up
  2. you could add a webhook that removes the label via the api
  3. you could add a final stage in your pipeline to remove the label via the API

If you do use the API, you might have to add a note (comment) with a quick action.

I’m not aware of a simpler way to do this, but I could well be wrong.



Hi @snim2
Thanks for the response. Those look like reasonable options to try and so far no other suggestions have come in for a simpler approach.

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