Database gitlabhq_production

Hi all
i installed gitlab-ce:14.8.2-ce.0 on promise, how can i check the logs for user creation on database, in which table i can found the creation operation 'a user and which user performed the creation operation.

I searched the log files and I couldn’t find them because the log files are for only one month, and the operation was done 4 months ago


Since user creation operation was 4 months ago, default logs might not have it. Enable audit log archiving, search for relevant audit events (CreateUser) in /var/opt/gitlab/audit-artifacts/* , and analyze the audit events to find the specific user creation operation.

Unfortunately this isn’t available unless they have a Premium or Ultimate subscription. Also I expect enabling it now won’t help, since it was over 4 months ago. It would most likely have to have been enabled way before then to be able to get info that way. I expect it’s impossible to get the info that they require now that logs are gone.

Theoretically if backups of the logs had been made, it could have been possible to go back 4 months and check those log files. But as there is no backup of the logs, this isn’t an option either to even check.