Datarecovery from 16.9.1 to 16.10.2

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Problem to solve

servercrashed with ver 16.9.1, new server install with 16.10.2:

Steps to reproduce



On self-managed instances, add the relevant configuration settings or changes.
The old server drive is attached to new VM with old data intact.
I need to restore data from old server to new (from version 16.9.1 to 16.10.2)


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  • Self-managed


  • Old: 16.9.1
  • New: 16.10.2

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I did check below article. Just wanted to confirm if there is anything additional needed for the specific versions I am running?

Thanks for taking the time to be thorough in your request, it really helps! :blush:

Please and Thank You,

Ok just to update:

Since it is VM I did screenshot it and tried to restore data on 16.10.2 it did not go well.

I removed the 16.10 and install 16.9.1 and copied the mentioned 2 directories and ran reconfigure. Its at
Waiting for gitlab to boot and below services status.
ftsadmin@ca-fts-itm1:~$ sudo gitlab-ctl status
down: alertmanager: 1s, normally up, want up; run: log: (pid 33610) 8s
down: gitaly: 1s, normally up, want up; run: log: (pid 33612) 8s
run: gitlab-exporter: (pid 33632) 8s; run: log: (pid 33629) 8s
run: gitlab-kas: (pid 33635) 8s; run: log: (pid 33624) 8s
run: gitlab-workhorse: (pid 33638) 8s; run: log: (pid 33628) 8s
run: logrotate: (pid 33630) 8s; run: log: (pid 33620) 8s
run: nginx: (pid 33634) 8s; run: log: (pid 33623) 8s
run: node-exporter: (pid 33640) 8s; run: log: (pid 33637) 8s
run: postgres-exporter: (pid 33618) 8s; run: log: (pid 33614) 8s
down: postgresql: 1s, normally up, want up; run: log: (pid 33615) 8s
down: prometheus: 1s, normally up, want up; run: log: (pid 33613) 8s
run: puma: (pid 33626) 8s; run: log: (pid 33622) 8s
run: redis: (pid 33636) 8s; run: log: (pid 33627) 8s
run: redis-exporter: (pid 33631) 8s; run: log: (pid 33621) 8s
run: sidekiq: (pid 33633) 8s; run: log: (pid 33625) 8s

Any suggestion please.

Thank You,

ok just to update. I reinstalled new server with same OS and installed gitlab CE 16.9.1. After following steps above everything was restored. Earlier I was trying on latest OS ver.

Below definitely worked.


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