Default password for gitlab-runner user account when using a shell executor

We recently moved to GitLab and started setting up GitLab CI. I registered a specific runner to a build server which resulted in the creation of a ‘gitlab-runner’ account which GitLab CI uses to run the pipeline jobs. My problem is that the ‘gitlab-runner’ account doesn’t have adequate permissions to access some resources we use and I can’t fix this because I don’t know what the password for the account is (I don’t remember entering a password). What is the default password for this account?

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if you are a unix system and you do not remember the password you can do these stuffs:

sudo su
Now, Enter your password
passwd gitlab-runner
Now, Enter new password for gitlab-runner

That’s it really!

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Do runner processes need to know the old password? could this break anything?

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I think that’s a valid concern. Then, according to "Install GitLab Runner manually on GNU/Linux (, it’s the user (not the system) who creates the user gitlab-runner (by useradd command), so it’s your call. From this I doubt changing password would cause an issue.