Delete Protected tags - New v15.0 feature not working when using REST API


I found this MR Allow delete of protected tags if user has authority (!85527) · Merge requests · / GitLab · GitLab that grants the ability for a project Maintainer to delete a protected tag. In the description of the ticket, it states that project owners and maintainers have the option to delete protected tags. In the web UI, it prompts the user with a confirmation dialogue. It gives no examples of how this changed affected the API, but it does list the API as a resource that can be used to delete protected tags. It lists the milestone as 15.0.

I’ve recently updated my Omnibus package to 15.0.5 (GET /version returns "version":"15.0.5","revision":"f415ebdb978"}). Yet if I try to delete a protected tag, I get the error message “Protected tags cannot be deleted”. I checked the REST API docs and it doesn’t say anything other than the project ID and the tag name can be used with DELETE (no “force” flag or anything).

To test it out, I created a test tag in my project, set it to protected, then used curl -X DELETE --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: $TOKEN" where test-protected is the new tag I made. The error returned was {"message":"Protected tags cannot be deleted."}

Does anyone know how this is supposed to work with the API or know why it’s not working for me?

Or perhaps I’m reading the MR wrong and it hasn’t released yet? Or isn’t a feature for self-managed?

Thank you!