Delete user with unconfirmed email

I’ve created a user (under username ‘jacek.slimok’) here on while passing the same invalid email twice. Is there any way to delete such user or will it time out at any point soon? Are there any plans to add the function to delete an account or change e-mail address even when it’s inactive but we know the correct password?

I’m asking this because:

  • I remember both my username and password and would be able to log in to at least remove the account and re-create it with correct e-mail or change existing e-mail and re-send the confirmation,

  • There’s no option to “remind e-mail address” either (forgotten e-mail address use-case),

  • Such username is gone for further use so right now I’m forced to pick another one,

  • E-mail confirmation doesn’t seem to time-out the account at some point (and if it does, it’s much too long).