Retrieve control over an ill-created user

Hello, I am a newbie and find myself in a catch 22; here is the scenario:

  • I signed up with my company email:
  • After a while I decided to have a generic account for my company (my company).
  • I signed up for a new account (username: my company) but gave an email that was not yet functional:
  • The sign up process went through the usual email confirmation step.
  • When the email was finally functional, I clicked on the resend button but nothing happened. Didn’t receive any email.
  • Went back to the beginning of the sign up process, but it complained that the email address already existed in the system.
  • I then proposed my email address, with the hope of changing it once logged in, but that actually pointed me to my already existing personal account.
  • I have tried a number of combinations (username/email) without much success.

At this time, I am ready to delete the company account, but I have no access to it. I cannot create a new one because gitlab says it already exist. I could also delete my personal account in the hope to release what seems to be a link between it and my company’s account, but I’d rather avoid this if possible.

I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

Thank you for the pointer. Much appreciated.