Determine real commit push time

I am looking to determine all commits that were pushed to GitLab before a given time.

I found the commit API reference, and it looked promising with a created_at field. However all three date fields of the commit can be faked: this is the result for a commit where my computer clock was set back a day

"authored_date" : "2021-08-09T14:28:34.000+10:00",
"committed_date" : "2021-08-09T14:28:34.000+10:00",
"created_at" : "2021-08-09T14:28:34.000+10:00",

these dates are all incorrect, as the commit was pushed on the 10th, not the 9th.

I understand why this is the case (except perhaps for created_at, which seems like it should really be when the commit was created on GitLab). But is there an API to get the time the commit was pushed into GitLab, that’s not based on user controlled values?

Oh, looks like the events API might be what I’m looking for