Disabling/Hiding Some GitLab Functionality

Hi All,

I need to be able to disable some of the GitLab functionality e.g. Wiki, Builds, CI/CD. This ability is available from the Admin Area.

How would I go about switching features on and off a GitLab instance?
Would I have more options if I were to build from source?
Is this even possible?

Many thanks in advance for any guidance you can give me.

I expect the source version will be the same as the gitlab-ce version. I can only find such options for enabling/disabling features under the project itself Settings --> General --> Visibility, project features, Permissions. Here you can disable wiki, CI/CD, packages.

There isn’t anything under global server settings as far as I can see. For me this isn’t an issue, since I’m the admin of my server, so when I create new projects, I disable the functionality. Of course, a person with enough privileges in that project could potentially re-enable it again.

It would be nice to have it at a global level, maybe it will appear sometime soon.

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