Disabling Wikis in all projects

Hi everyone!

We use GitLab CE with hundreds of projects. We would like to disable the project wiki in all projects using a script (as you would do manually via “Settings > General > Visibility, project features, permissions > Wiki”). In the API, I can only find to delete, list, add and update specific content for it. Is there a way to disable it with a script, so we do not have to manually scan through hundreds of projects (which also is a repeating job)?
It would be great if it would be possible to disable it “per default”, so new projects do not have it automatically, without having to actively disable it.

This setting is in the Project API. You can disable it with wiki_access_level = disabled.

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Baam - to-the-point! Thank you! :slight_smile:

There’s no Default override it to be disabled by default, is it?

If you self host, you can disable it by default by changing gitlab.yaml or gitlab.rb.

Here is described how CI/CD can get disabled. With this approach you can also get to the wiki default setting.

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Perfect! Thanks a lot!