Docker images taking up disk space

I am seeing the disk fill up with docker images/volumes as artifacts of ci runner jobs.
The regular cleanup script run once a week is ineffective.
I would like to add a dedicated disk for these docker images so if it does fill up it wont blow up the os.
Where in the config can I specify a different location for this docker stuff.


Hi @MarcoA,

To use a separate disk for Container Registry storage, follow the instructions here to specify your storage path:

Alternatively, you could use Object storage for Container Registry images as default storage for new images and migrate your existing Registry images to Object storage.

If your disk is filling up with old docker images you don’t need, you might consider manually deleting any images any images you don’t need (API is good for automating cleanup) and setting up a cleanup policy for the future.

Hope this helps! Let us know how it goes!

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