'Domain has already been taken' when creating domain in Pages

now I know this question has been asked before, but I am asking again but for myself & to hopefully get a FINAL answer & hopeful fix that could help others with this problem.

there is no information on this :-1: so finding a fix would be fantastic :+1:

I bought the domain, set up a duff gitlab account especially for it to be hosted on. though I do know of someone who said theyve used 1 account for multiple sites, but I didnt want to do that. more for ease of filing more than anything.

but I entered the domain, done some tests, made sure that things were working etc, which they are, apart from that I couldnt get on the site publicly with its domain [& even when using the sitename.gitlab.io] without having to be signed into gitlab first, which is new to me as well, so gonna have to work that out. I know its not to do with privacy with the repo, since my other sites are private.
but it worked.

next what I decided to do was delete the domain pages first from the repo, before I deleted the repo. this was because some DS_STORE files crept into the uploads & I could not get rid of them, at all. I wanted a clean, only have my files repo to work with & if they couldnt be deleted easily for some reason, then I wanted to start again before it could be a problem later on & ill be more careful in the future. that was the plan anyhow.

but when I set up the project again with the same sitename.gitlab.io project name, which was fine, it would not allow the domain to be created from the Pages menu, stating Domain has already been taken [screenshot given]

this is very new to me. ive set up sites on gitlab before & even the same steps when testing connections etc, to then start again making sure everything is clean & have not had this problem before.
any help would be insanely appreciated. I have contacted gitlab support, but since im a freebie pleb [freb? pleebie?], I will not be even the 1000th in the queue to be seen :wink:

so yeah, any help would be fantastic. because id like to launch this site & get it off my plate :+1:


I鈥檓 experiencing the same issue :cry:

There appears to be a couple of issues created on this:

Also other forum posts:

Maybe converting account to the trial 鈥済old account鈥 in order to be able to contact support?

Otherwise, it鈥檚 looking like 鈥渨ait and see鈥 :cold_face: