Download issue list by csv


I am using enterprise edition, and have recently upgraded to version 14.0.1. One problem I am finding is that it isn’t easy to print a list of open issues in a way that is easy to present in reports to management etc.

I notice there is an export as csv function. I click on this and gitlab promises

**37 issues selected**

The CSV export will be created in the background. Once finished, it will be sent to **** in an attachment.

(of course |I have edited my email out)

Problem is, no email is ever recieved, Gitlab is sending emails, others are receiving them.

Any suggestions as to what may be broken?

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be stopping this?


maybe the attachment size exceeds what the domain’s mailserver is willing to accept. A look into the MTA’s logs on the GitLab server may help as well to see possible success and error messages on mail transfer.