Problem when using the "Export as CSV" feature

I’m trying to use the “Export Issues to CSV” feature (i.e on a self-managed server, and experience the following problem:

  • The buttons for importing/exporting issues are present,
  • I get correct behavior from GitLab when clicking on it (using filters etc),
  • After selecting the issues to export and clicking on “export issues”, I get a notification “Your CSV export has started. It will be emailed to when complete.” on the webpage,
  • I don’t receive the email, and apart from the fact I’m not receiving an email I get no additional information to indicate the source of the problem. I waited until the next day and checked the spam folder to be sure.

Since I am using Community Edition 13.3.5 (once again on a self-managed server):

  • Do I need to switch to Enterprise Edition 13.3.5 instead? (maybe the export to csv buttons are present in CE but not activated?)
  • Do I need to modify the gitlab.rb file? (So far the only uncommented line in the file is external_url ‘http://’)

I have gitlab-ce 13.0.14 and exported issues just fine and received an email almost immediately for 109 issues on my project. Are you sure your email server configuration settings are correct within gitlab? Apart from our minor release difference, I doubt they removed the export in 13.3.x compared to 13.0.x so I expect it’s a configuration issue.

Tested this today after I finished upgrading to 13.3.5, all working fine so it’s definitely not an issue with gitlab-ce. Therefore, please check your gitlab.rb to see if it’s email configuration is correct, or if you don’t have any config in here, check if your SMTP daemon is configured properly - eg: exim, postfix, etc - as this is pretty much most likely the reason why it’s failing.


Hi iwalker,

Thank you for your answer ; you were right, it was a bad email configuration.

All working now :grin:
Thanks again !

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