Effect of changing visibility from e.g. private to public

Hi! I have “inherited” a gitlab projects that includes several repositories for which I’m now Owner. The project is set to private with some LDAP permission settings, but I would like to change this to Internal or even Public to make this accessible to more people. Except for now more people being able to see what is kept there, are there any “side effects” when doing this that I should be aware of? Does anything change for people who have a local clone of some repo within this project and want to continue to push to the same origin?
Thanks a lot!

It only affects the visibility of the project. Nothing else is affected. Just be sure you fully understand what this mean as there are some cases where access for roles (Guest, Reporter, …) differ based on the visibility of the project.

Thanks a lot for the reply! This already sounds assuring that it would not be a dealbreaker to do this. For the difference in roles, how could I look this up?

here: Permissions and roles | GitLab