Is it possible to share projects from my Enterprise Repository?

I am on GitLab Enterprise Edition [14.3.0-ee]. The domain is publicly routable. Can i not make a Repository Public so that users wont have to login to the domain to view it?

Yes, it explains that in the documentation: Project and group visibility | GitLab

Project and group visibility
all tiers

GitLab allows users with the Owner role to set a project’s or group’s visibility as:

  • Public
  • Internal
  • Private
    These visibility levels affect who can see the project in the public access directory ( /public for your GitLab instance). For example, Projects · Explore · GitLab. You can control the visibility of individual features with project feature settings.

By default, /public is visible to unauthenticated users. However, if the Public visibility level is restricted, /public is visible only to signed-in users.