Embed Gitlab pages in our wordpress website?

Please help…
If I prepare all our end user documentation and push them to gitlab pages, is it possible to embed our gitlab pages into our website (wordpress website running on digitalocean)?

Thank you

It is uncertain what you mean by embed specifically (iframes, raw HTML path includes, etc.), but a commonly seen strategy of maintaining a separate system of documentation on a product website is the use of subdomains (such as docs.website.com) or subpages (such as website.com/docs) that bypass the website’s platform into the specific directory (or application) powering just the documentation. This can be configured via your web-server and/or DNS configuration.

Hi @hchouraria ,
sorry for confusion. Let me explain…

what I meant by embed is, when users to go our docs page on our website (docs.website.com or website.com/docs) to view our documentation, can the documentation be loaded from gitlab pages on to our website’s docs page dynamically? This way we don’t have to save our documentation again separately within our website and can load the docs from gitlab pages to our website.

waiting for your response, please.

I’m not aware of a way GitLab Pages can integrate with a CMS like WordPress (WP) directly (or I haven’t fully understood what you’re looking for yet).

The idea I’d proposed earlier was to have your GitLab Pages publish directly and entirely into your website’s docs area using a sub-domain, a base URL, etc. while passing (or sharing) custom CSS to keep the styling similar.

However, I’m unsure what you mean by “loaded from GitLab Pages” specifically. Are you talking about something through javascript fetches, loaded into a div? Or perhaps using a plugin in WP that can import markdown files and import them directly (bypassing need for GitLab Pages being served)?

Apologies if I’m missing the obvious here. Perhaps someone with more experience on WP can help out here.

Thank you for the response.
You got my point exactly what I meant. When I said “load docs from gitlab pages to my website” is the idea of publishing gitlab pages into my website using sub-domain, a base URL, etc. while passing (or sharing) custom CSS to keep the styling similar.
Thank you for confirming. That helped.

Did you find any solution ? Can we make a read light novels site with the help of GITLAB? I mean how can we combine different modules.