Embedded content from GitLab to LMS (and intro)


Hello! I have yet to introduce myself on the forum. I am a new faculty member at Purdue University teaching unmanned aerial systems under the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology. I am using GitLab for my course content to create a repository of content that can easily be transferred (forked, branched, etc.) from other faculty that will alternate teaching my courses. I am also using GitLab to collect feedback from students by means of issues (and some merge requests) to help with developing content that works best for them. That is, as students work through the content and identify components that could be explained or clarified in a better way, they can submit issues that can be viewed by other students until the suggestion is merged into the content.

Embedded content from GitLab to LMS

I structure my course in GitLab through weekly directories each containing a README file describing the course objectives, etc. My university uses Brightspace learning management system which has some powerful features in terms of assignments and quizzes. However, it lacks in creating nimble courses that can be edited on-the-fly (and collaboratively among both faculty and students) to show the most updated content without directly editing the content within the LMS.

Because I keep my GitLab repo updated with any content changes, I would like to embed that content into my LMS so that changes are reflected realtime. Unfortunately, as a security measure, GitLab blocks the ability to embed content. I would love to hear how others are connecting their LMS with GitLab!


Hi Drone_Prof! Thanks for coming to the forum.

This is a really interesting question. The method that immediately comes to mind is using the GitLab API in some way, but I’m not entirely sure how. I will bring this to some people on my team and see if there’s something they know of that could help.

I also wanted to check and make sure that you know about the GitLab for Education offering of free subscription or license of GitLab Ultimate if it’s being used for teaching or research. If you’re already on a license, that’s awesome! But I always make sure to mention it in case you’re just a super user and would like some free high powered GitLab for you and your students.

Hello, Phillip,

Thanks for reaching out! I will have to take a look at the API, though my access to running scripts, etc. within the LMS is very limited. I am very open to what other methods you find out from your team - thank you for checking!

Also, I do have a GitLab for Education account! I am making use of the group-level Wikis and the CI minutes for my static webpages. So, thank you!


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