Academic License - Terms of use

We signed up for the free education license, but have yet signed the supplied contract. I don’t have signing authority at our school and the terms of use have to go through legal. Legal has a series of changes they would like to see to the Website Term of Use which I can provide. They want me find a contact at GitLab to run the changes through. Is there anyone there that can take my request?


This is the same exact issue I have. So far I haven’t had any luck with Chat, Sales Contact form or Education Contact form. Surely there is a path forward for organizations like ours.

We are in a similar boat. I don’t think Gitlab understands how universities work. We are just one of many departments, and no one will want to manage this for a bunch of other departments, nor do we want to share a single server with other departments who have other various FERPA, HIPPA, ITAR, etc needs.

Not to mention we’ve had to recontact gitlab several times to even get a response. It took 3 months for a response. 3 months. This is not cool, and we are already paying customers.

Here we have emailed and emailed about a few changes to the license to no avail yet. If anyone gets a response I would love to hear.

I’m even trying to get it run for the whole university and just need a single change to get the ok for it.

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I’m wondering if anyone has figured out the security/privacy of Gitlab Gold (SaaS) as it pertains to universities. Are they FERPA compliant or do they expect universities to use Gitlab EE?

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Thank you @kevinsarsen checking on this.

I’ll forward this thread to our team internally and we’d definitely like to provide some more context.

Just an FYI for everyone, feel free to reach out to if you ever need a quick response :slight_smile: