Enable Gold features after changing project from private to public?

Hi all,
I recently signed up at GitLab.com to start a non-profit open-source project with some of my student friends. So I initally created a private group and a private project within this group, while not being aware that there are feature limitations coming with that decision of visibility. Then I read the docs that all public projects on GitLab.com automatically receive Gold functionality.

So as we don’t have any issues with being public and are dependant on Gold features I changed the visibility of said group and project to public. But the gold features do not appear, for example Epics don’t show up etc.

So how do I enable Gold features on my project retrospectively?

Thanks in advance.

@n_b Welcome to the forum!

It’s true that public projects on GitLab.com receive Gold features for free, however, this doesn’t extend to certain features within Groups. Epics are only available in groups, not projects, and at the moment they aren’t included in public Gold groups without a paid subscription.