Epic to Issue tree appears to be missing?

The Epic Tree view seen here (picture under Creating an epic) labeled “Epics and Issues”, which I’ve found in other places just called “Tree”, doesn’t appear to exists. I’m using the Gold 30 day trial, so I can see all features (I think). Any idea how I see this Tree view? I need a way to see the relationship between all Epics/ChildEpics/Issues in a single page. Was this taken out, or is there a toggle I need to switch somewhere?

When I go to my Epics page, I only see tabs for Open, Closed, and All.

I found the issue. I needed to be on the Epic screen instead of the Epic(s) screen. The tree view is only viewed from the page of a specific epic, but the Epics tab doesn’t have it. That’s kind of a bummer, as I’d like to see the tree at both levels, but this was my bad for misreading the documentation which was correct.