How to show issue labels from the epic view?

On’s issue tracker, you can show and hide issue labels in the Epic view using a toggle.

In my self-hosted GitLab instance I just see an “Add” option in the same spot. I looked around release notes and feature flags, but I can’t seem to find any way to turn this on.

We currently run with the Premium license and are a little behind on version 14.5.2

Is the feature locked to Ultimate? Do I need to update to a newer version? Did I somehow miss a feature flag?

The ability to see labels in the epic view is super useful and we’d like to be able to use it.


Does anyone have an answer for this?

Hi, unfortunately I cannot help you with this problem personally, but if you have a premium license, then you have paid support with that and it would be quicker and easier for you to get support by writing to Gitlab directly and opening a ticket here:

The forums are generally free support for and from the community.

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