Gitlab job logs get strucked and runner throws 500 internal server status error

I have created a pipeline in a repository which contains java code . I need to build a jar file from pipeline using our internal maven mirrors. We have our own runner registered on on-prem server with docker executor.

Problem: When pipeline gets triggered a new container is coming up on our on-prem server and you can see the job logs in gitlab GUI also. But after downloading some dependencies …console log is getting strucked with just three dots loading . But if you see the container logs that came as a docker executor, there entire logs are getting printed. This was not seen before . Can anyone please help if you foreseen this error.
When you check the gitlab-runner service status it is showing the following error.

WARNING: Appending trace to coordinator… failed code=500 job
=163715 job-log= job-status= runner=c-WG4VEe sent-log=148244-1075803 status=500 Internal Server Error update-interval=0s

After which no other job gets triggered and will be waiting for the runner to pick them up unless and untill we restart the gitlab-runner service.