Error 500 when changing a group path

Hello guys,

I’m not able to update a group’s path on - I always get a 500 error, even with different values.

I’m trying to remane in

Can you look up that error ? Thanks !

I’m facing the same issue.
I’m getting error 500 when changing group path.

Hey @babadie and @BassemN, welcome to the GitLab Community Forum! :tada:

Looks like you’re likely bumping up against this bug, that our development team is currently working to resolve. It seems we already have a fix deployed to our canary environment so you may be able to get around this by navigating to, toggle the switch to Next, and try again.

If not, then it seems we’ll have a fix deployed soon regardless. Sorry for the trouble!

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@Tristan Changing group path is working well now without any errors

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I confirm it now works as expected. Thanks for your help !

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