I keep getting 500 error when trying to create new issue on gitlab.com (private repository)

GitLab status: All Systems Operational

Repository: private repository

Looks like all repositories in my team are affected.

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Same problem here with all the repositories of a specific group, personal repositories work well.

I tried to add an issue using the REST API, but it doesn’t work either :

    "message": "500 Internal Server Error"

Hey @ptrojanowski and @mduruisseau, welcome to the GitLab Community Forum! :tada:

I believe the problem you’re running into is related to a known issue. This was reverted very recently and should make it into GitLab.com production soon. If it’s currently not working for you still, you can try switching to our canary environment temporarily by using https://next.gitlab.com/ and switching the toggle. You can then go back to GitLab.com and see if it works.

That said, GitLab.com is on an auto-deploy schedule so as this changed gets reverted it will be promoted to the production environment automatically.

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