Error "does not appear to be a git repository" using SSH

I am facing an issue to clone a repository via SSH that I would appreciate some help.

We have 2 windows machines , one installed with Jenkins and the other with an Application that must have updates from git/Jenkins .

When executing the Jenkins job, the agent that is located in the Application server tries to clone the git repo we have in the Jenkins server.

The connection is via OpenSSH

I did the following commands (just to test locally without using Jenkins)

To create a test repo to be cloned:

Cloning directly to the folder location >

user@machine MINGW64 ~/testegit

$ mkdir aa2.git

user@machine MINGW64 ~/testegit

$ cd aa2.git/

user@machine MINGW64 ~/testegit/aa2.git

$ git init

Initialized empty Git repository in C:/Users/user/testegit/aa2.git/.git/

user@machine MINGW64 ~/testegit/aa2.git (master)

$ echo gyhsgudgu>>teste.txt

user@machine MINGW64 ~/testegit/aa2.git (master)

$ git add teste.txt

warning: in the working copy of ‘teste.txt’, LF will be replaced by CRLF the next time Git touches it

user@machine MINGW64 ~/testegit/aa2.git (master)

$ git status

On branch master

No commits yet

Changes to be committed:

(use “git rm --cached …” to unstage)

new file: teste.txt

user@machine MINGW64 ~/testegit/aa2.git (master)

$ git commit -m “teste”

[master (root-commit) 6fe2d8c] teste

1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

create mode 100644 teste.txt

Cloning direct to the folder in the same machine works perfectly, of course:

user@machine MINGW64 ~/Documents/work/AA/cicd/teste

$ git clone ~/testegit/aa2.git

Cloning into ‘aa2’…


But using a SSH connection:

user@machine MINGW64 ~/Documents/work/AA/cicd/teste

$ git clone ssh://

Cloning into ‘aa2’…

user@’s password:

fatal: ‘’/testegit/aa2.git’’ does not appear to be a git repository

fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

The SSH is working fine.

user@machine MINGW64 ~/Documents/work/AA/cicd/teste

$ ssh localhost dir

Shows the entire folder

I have already tried mutiples sintaxes in the address with slash, backslash, ~, full path, but the same error everytime:

git clone ssh://

git clone ssh://

git clone ssh://\testegit\aa2.git

git clone ssh://\testegit\aa2.git

git clone ssh://\aa2.git

git clone user@\aa2.git

git clone ~/testegit/aa2.git

git clone user@locahost:~/testegit/aa2.git

git clone user@localhost:~/testegit/aa2.git

git clone user@localhost:~/testegit/

git clone user@localhost:~\testegit\aa2.git

Does anyone have experienced that ?

Could be some permission for the SSH service? I checked the folder and seems to be ok

I think this should work:

git clone ssh://user@

Additionally, this question seems to be about Git + SSH and Jenkins, but not GitLab in particular. If you need help with Jenkins stuff in the future, you should check out their community forum at

thanks Greg

I discover the issue.
The problem was not the sintax itself but with the conversion of characters between windows and linux

git-bash or cygwin uses the patterns from linux, while OpenSSH uses the Windows patterns.

git uses internally a script that after the ssh command it starts git-update-pack with folder as argument
I am not sure if it was the slashes or quotes in the argument, but the ~/testegit/aa2 was not being found the windows style folder.

I changed teh OpenSSH to a native sshd from cygwin and it worked,

Kind regards

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