Error message "Something went wrong while fetching comments" on any issue imported from GitHub (recent issue)

I am using GitLab cloud.
I have imported a HitHub repository a few month ago, it went well, any data (including Issue comments) have been correctly imported.
I experience this issue from teh week of the 15th of November 2021: I cannot access the comments for any Issue imported. I get the Error message “Something went wrong while fetching comments” at the top of the Issue display screen. I can access the comment with the GitLab API, the data exist.
Is there anyone experiencing the same issue ?

I am seeing the exact same problem on an issue imported from GitHub, in my case Connector_Harwin.pretty - pin numbering and silk orientation issues (#323) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Libraries / KiCad Footprints · GitLab. I am getting emails showing comments being added but I’ve not been able to see the comments in a browser on any device, logged in or otherwise. Do please let me know if you find a workaround!

Hi, your comments are accessible with this URL but in JSON format. there is definitely a bug in Gitlab :[Get the comments]

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We suffer the same thing in our projects imported from GitHub e.g. Error Scan Macro for recording with OneD and TwoD Controller (#1671) · Issues · Sardana Organization / sardana · GitLab. Thanks @ocorre for the GitLab API trick!

For info, I have contacted the Gitlab support team who asked me to create an Issue on Gitlab Comment display issue . @andrewteasdale, I used your Issue sample link as my repostory is not public. I hope you are ok with this.

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That’s fantastic, thanks @ocorre for raising that ticket.

This should now be resolved. It was introduced as a result of a feature flag, which has since been disabled while we work on a long-term solution for paginated discussions. More context is available on this comment – ActiveModel::MissingAttributeError: missing attribute: noteable_id (#346495) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab.

@gweaver I confirm it is solved. Thanks for the fix !