On GitLab.com, some comments appear below the wrong issue (comment mismatch)

https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki/-/merge_requests/964 has comments which belong elsewhere, like https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki/-/commit/7957ee4cfabbc33ad71d2b436b9a24e65bcdd766#note_699556719


This seems like an obvious bug to me and I would have reported at https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab/-/issues/new but there, it says “If you are experiencing an issue when using GitLab.com, your first port of call should be the Community Forum. Your issue may have already been reported there by another user. Please check: https://forum.gitlab.com/”, so I am here.

I searched, to no avail, in the forums and in the issue tracker. If many are getting this, there should be plenty of reports…


I suggest open an issue since if you believe it to be a bug an issue is the only way a dev will fix it. The forum is more for support.

Ok, got it, but can anyone take a few minutes and look at my screenshot? and confirm that (according to him/her), it also seems to be a bug.


I cannot explain it, it would require an issue to be opened with all the relevant information not just a screenshots, but links to the actual project, merge requests and so on, so that a Gitlab Dev can look at it, and it is up to them to confirm whether it is a bug, or if something else is the reason for it. If it is they will mark the issue accordingly, as well as reply to it.

It’s impossible for forum members to say what it is. I’m not a Gitlab Dev, neither are a lot of the members here Dev’s for Gitlab either, so I/we cannot investigate or explain or find out why. Open an issue.

hmmm, I found something.

This comment: [FIX] Fix Delete should not be a default first choice in an admin action dropdown (!964) · Merge requests · Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware / Tiki · GitLab

Is about this commit:

Which has some weirdness in the description.

I added a note there…