File listing in web browser doesn't display for 1 project


We are running GitLab-CE 13.4.4 on an on-premise system

When logging in to the web interface everything work as expected for all projects, except one. When we select that one we see the page coming up but we see the placeholder that it’s loading the files but the filenames never appear.

I looked into the browser console but no error message is shown.

We tested with Firefox, Chrome, different pc’s and the behavior is the same, we can’t get the file listing displayed.

Attached a screenshot how it looks/where it “hangs”

Any idea what could causing this? Any help is much appreciated!


I did some more troubleshooting

  1. Clone repo locally
  2. Copied the repo folder to another folder
  3. Removed .git folder
  4. Git init the folder again
  5. Commit again
  6. Pushed to Gitlab server

PS. I only took the master branch, no other branches to put in the “new” repository

The file listing is now showing in the new project…

I resolved the issue by moving the project to a different namespace and then restore it back to the original namespace. Very strange for me…