Git clone will get folder with a name without Title Case

for example, if the Project is BinarySearch (as named on GitLab and on my other computer), and I do a git clone

it will become a folder


on my hard drive…
so the Title Case is lost.


that’s a behaviour of Git, likewise URL specifications where no case sensitivity is stored. There’s a trick though - an optional parameter at the end of the clone command allows you to specify the directory name.

git clone https://..../group/BinarySearch.git BinarySearch

That works no matter the URL is lower or upper case or mixed.


I think it doesn’t happen if it is GitHub…

now, since the project’s title is listed as BinarySearch
wouldn’t the URL be able to be changed from


I think once it is the BinarySearch.git
then the folder name will be BinarySearch

The problem is with the git clone giving

A little more context please - where is this provided? :slight_smile:


If you click the “Clone” button at the top-right corner of a project page.