Gitea migration "Importing the project failed"

When I follow this to migrate gitea to gitlab, it always show the error message “Importing the project failed”

Any idea how to debug and solve it? Thank you.

I have a similar issue. After it fails, the project is made, but completely empty.

Are there any errors logged, in correlation with the timestamp when the import was started?

Nothing that jumps out at me. If you want I can send you the logs.

Pushing git repo’s from the CLI works fine.

The Gitlab instance is completely out of the box still. I am running:

  • Gitlab CE: 16.9.0
  • Gitea: 1.21.5

I’m not sure if you are hitting a bug. I did some search on the GitLab issue tracker, and found a report in Gitea import fails (#439112) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab Maybe the log and configuration outputs provide examples that you can use in your log greps. If it does not help, I’d suggest opening a new bug report issue. Thanks!

Yes, upgrade to 16.8.3 fixed the problem, thanks.


Thanks for coming back :slight_smile:

@Fritzcat Since 16.8.3 is a part of the security release cycle, it might be the case that the bug was fixed in 16.9.1, too. GitLab Security Release: 16.9.1, 16.8.3, 16.7.6 | GitLab