Getting error 500 when trying to import gitea projects


I’m using

I’m trying to import some repositories I have in a personal gitea server to a new gitlab group.

I created my token and started importing them, it was working but some have failed.

In the while I have wrongly deleted the token I gave gitlab from my gitea instance. I was hoping gitlab would simply request me a new token.

Unluckily now when I click on the gitea import button I simply get a 500 error page. I was trying to go there to try again importing the failed repositories.

Is there some other way to update the gitea token?

Also if a repository import fails how can I get some more insight on the cause of the failure?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Looking at the logs from my gitea instance it looks the failure happens while trying to import pull requests. While it would be useful to have all pull request imported I can live without that, so I’ll try importing ass a bare repo using an URL. This functionality definitely requires some polishing though.

Replying to myself to note I found a “solution” to change the key and retry the import:

As stated here the token and URL are saved in the session, so logging out and back in “fixes” it, and removing the failed repository from gitea allows retrying the import operation.

Anyway I think a better error should be returned instead of 500 in case of an invalid token.

Also I’m still trying to find information about the failure, in case can do something about it myself.