Github Import Button Missing

Can’t see the import button on the import page when creating a new project

I doubt anyone can help you because you didn’t bother to provide enough information. Is this your own Gitlab server or are you using Maybe add some screenshots to show what you were doing, and explain a little more about the problem.

If you cannot be bothered to put more effort in when explaining the problem you are having, don’t expect anyone to put in the effort to help you! :wink:

Hi Walker
Thank you for your response

Iam using

So see the screenshot above
The GitHub button is missing


I would then suggest, use “Repository by URL”.

Did that as well and got the below error

There is not a valid Git repository at this URL. If your HTTP repository is not publicly accessible, verify your credentials.

And when i tried to add integration for github there was no Github option in the list

Yep, if there is no Github button, or other git repository that doesn’t have a button, then you have to use repository url.

I expect either your url, username, password/access token from the github side is wrong. You may or may not need the .git on the end of the github url. I usually am able to access a github repository without putting .git on the end.

Hello !

I’m facing the same issue since today …

Few months ago, I was able to import multiples projects from privates github projects, but now I can’t find how to do it.
Same as @seuno, at the ‘Import Project’ step, the Github button is missing too, and using the ‘Repository by URL’ won’t work because the URL seems wrong (even if I put correct Username / Password, https:// or git:// … )

It’s been hours now that I’m looking everywhere, can’t find any “Github import” option or something similar.

I checked all my permissions and roles, why I was able to do it before but not anymore ?

Any help would be very appreciated ! (this is a bit urgent for me … Thx ! )

EDIT : I just find out in the page that the migration from github is offline due to an incident. Due to my urgent needs, I’m keeping an eye on this page, but if there is any other way to follow the progression it will be welcome.


Thanks for highlighting. is the single source of truth for tracking the incident.


Hi! Thanks for updating! Is there a timeline for this issue? Thank you!

Well, that status page doesn’t help much if it isn’t regularly updated. Also, it’s a bit worrying that your APIs have already been down for over a week.

GitLab has been investigating this incident for two weeks now and still they have not provided even a single status update for their customers. Honestly, at this point it seems like they don’t even care.