Gitlab 10.3 source install MySQL to Omnibus Postgres Migration

I’m migrating non-Omnibus MySQL installation to the Omnibus installation with PostgreSQL on different server. I have reviewed the documentation, which breaks down to

  1. backup current install
  2. export and convert the existing MySQL database in the GitLab backup file
  3. restore in Omnibus installation.

The docs for the second step have been updated to use pgloader, which requires Omnibus to be installed on the same server (not an option for me). Let’s say I wasn’t going to Omnibus and just wanted to migrate from an external MySQL db to an external Postgres db. How would I do so with Gitlab 10? Appreciate any tips

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I hope you already figured this out, but for others reaching this question, you can simply pass a URL of a remote PostgreSQL server, or a remote MySQL server, which ever you prefer.