Migrate CE 6.3/MySQL/non-Omnibus to CE 7.7/PostgreSQL/Omnibus on new VM

In advance, I’d like to apology if I seem to make no sense or say stupid things. I’m new to GitLab and did not so far set up or maintain our setup. Looking for advice on the following, any input is highly appreciated.

We currently run GitLab CE 6.3 on CentOS 5 installed by hand, with a MySQL database. Now, we need to migrate to a new VM (this is not up to discussion but imposed) and thought this is a good time to upgrade…well, everything - and make it more maintainable “at the same time”. That means we want GitLab CE 7.7, CentOS 7, Puppet, Omnibus and PostgreSQL. Databases, both old and new, are running on the same VM, in case that matters. Actually, everything is local/on-disk.

Obviously, ours is quite a special case since lots of things are supposed to change. Searching for documentation in this regard brought me here as the most promising instructions:

Now, this seems to indicate this only works with version 6.8+, why?

Furthermore, even though it says “upgrading” in the title, it’s really only a database migration, right? i.e. no version upgrade is possible at the same time.

So, what would the best migration/upgrade path here be? I was thinking something like this might work:

  1. Migrate MySQL to PostgreSQL on old VM (export, convert, restore)
  2. Upgrade CE 6.3 to CE 7.7 manually on old VM (Can I do that directly or do I need to do every minor/major upgrade step by step?)
  3. Set up new VM with CE 7.7 using Puppet/Omnibus
  4. Copy repositories, config files, etc. from old to new VM
  5. Back up old PostgreSQL DB and restore into new PostgreSQL

Would this be feasible? What did I miss / get wrong? What could be done better? Any further suggestions?

Thank you all in advance!