RPM package for rhel version 8

Hi Team,

We are trying to install gitlab 11.10.4 version. But in the official site we can rpm package for rhel 7 version only. Can we know when we will get the rpm package which supports rhel 8 version.

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Mridula U

That version was obviously unsupported when EL8 was released, so you will not find that version for EL8 and it will never be.

You will have to upgrade your EL7 system to a newer version of Gitlab, to then be able to get to a supported version of Gitlab than runs on EL8.

Thank you for your prompt response.

I have one more question: we are preparing a gitlab upgrade, however due to unforeseen circumstances, we are contemplating a workaround in the following manner. Please let me know if it works or not.

Installing Gitlab 11.10.4 on Rhel OS 7 and then updating Gitlab to version 13.
And in Rhel OS 8, we will install Gitlab 13 version, import gitlab data from Rhel OS 7, and restore it in OS 8. Is this feasible?

Yes, you can use the Gitlab Backup and Restore documentation to move between RHEL7 and RHEL8. For a backup to be restored it needs to be the same version of Gitlab that you made it on. So if you made backup on RHEL7 for Gitlab 13.12.15 (last 13.x version available for RHEL7), then you can restore it to Gitlab 13.12.15 on RHEL8.

The absolute last version of Gitlab for RHEL7 is 15.11.11 (at time of writing). With RHEL8 you’ll be able to use Gitlab 16.x

Thank you very much. Your advice was quite beneficial to me.

Just to confirm, Gitlab 13.12.15 supports both RHEL 7 and RHEL 8, correct?

Yes, it does: gitlab/gitlab-ce - Results for 'gitlab-ce-13' and el/8 in gitlab/gitlab-ce

That is gitlab-ce, but gitlab-ee will be the same. So it depends which one you are using on your system.

rpm -qa | grep -i gitlab

will show if it’s gitlab-ce or gitlab-ee on your installed system. There are also Gitlab 12.x versions for RHEL8 with 12.8.1 being the earliest. I tend to upgrade my existing system as far as it goes, so if it was me I would have upgraded RHEL7 to 15.11.11, and then installed 15.11.11 on RHEL8 and then done a backup restore from RHEL7 to RHEL8. But it will also work for 13.12.15 like you wanted.