GitLab 14.7.3-ee WebIDE does not work

Recently installed GitLab, everything has been working fine up until this point when I try to access the WebIDE. I am greeted by the following screenshot:

When I have the browser debugger opened when trying to access, I see a single 404 occurs:

I have tried searching around for other people who have had this issue, namely by using the error given of Branch master was not found in this project's repository. . This has only yielded two results.

  1. This page from this same forum has a user who had a similar issue back in 2018, though from the sounds of it they were having issues from the API. I don’t have any actionable fixes from this post.

  2. This GitHub gist has a reverse proxy config that purports to solve the issue. However when I try applying the fix to either my apache reverse proxy or the bundled GitLab Nginx it does not work, breaking my reverse proxy in the prior and making no difference in the later.

I am suspicious that my reverse proxy is causing this issue, though I don’t know for sure what to change to resolve this. Below is my environment’s information. Please let me know if there is any other data I should provide or anything I should test. Thank you.

  • Server OS
    • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • GitLab Version
    • GitLab 14.7.3-ee
  • Reverse Proxy(external
    • Apache2 2.4.48-3.1ubuntu3.2
  • Browsers Tested
    • Firefox 97.0.1, Chrome 98.0.4758.102w