Gitlab and requirements management tools


We have currently setup a small project with a GitLab CE in our local server. We now have a new need : manage software requirements.
I’m currectly looking for a ‘like Gitlab’ simple and integrated solution.
the only thing that I have found by googling is Gitlab <-> JIRA <-> Jama.
It seems to be a bit too complicated … Is there any ‘good’ solution ?

If you have any idea, or better, if you have done something similar …
Thank you

Did you get any answer on this? What is your status?

Hi we are also searching a possibility to connect our requirement management (PTC Integrity) to the GitLab. According the traceability for safe and secure embedded software

Could you elaborate on what you are trying to achieve when you say you want to connect PTC Integrity to GitLab?

Have you considered using the GitLab API?

Yes the idea ist to use the API, the best thing would be if there an OSLC (Rest API) connector. At time we have not really much experince wit GitLab API. We hope that also other company have the issue that they need a connection from the product requirement (not SW product) to the SW development evirmont and there is already a solution in place. Also back from GitLab to the product testmamangent, to support a tracabilty which is in many product a legal asspect.