GitLab Auto DevOps failing with sample project on codeclimate


I couldn’t find information about this particular setup but here we go:

I’m running GitLab 10.0.1 CE on premises. Besides that I’m running a k8s cluster managed by Rancher. I was able to configure the service template for GitLab to connect to rancher.

I was trying to set up Auto DevOps, but I always get this error:

$ function codeclimate() {
/bin/sh: eval: line 87: syntax error: unexpected "(" (expecting "}")
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 2

I tried to checkout these projects, activated Auto DevOps, set the deployment url, committed a change with pull request and got the above error.

I didn’t configure anything related to codeclimate, so I don’t even know where that error comes from.

Does anyone here have a pointer on what I could be doing wrong?
Thanks for your time and help.


in my case it was caused by an old version of the gitlab runner (9.3.0). Try updating your runners :slight_smile:

And thanks for being the only other person on the whole internet having the same problem, was going to be crazy about it …

– Fox

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Hey Fox,

Thanks for existing. At least I know I’m not alone either. You advice seemed to help, but now I am stuck here: Auto devops in kubernetes "invalid reference format"

Maybe I have a misconfigured kubernetes cluster :s