Gitlab backup takes a long time to run

Our backups are up to 203 GB and growing. We project that eventually the backup could be 3 times larger. It takes up to 20 hours for the backup to complete. Are there any suggestions on reducing the amount of time it takes to do the backup. We are currently on NAS storage. Does it make sense only to back up the PostgreSQL database and do a file system backup for everything else. If we did a file system backup what directories would need to be backed up?

One thing I have learned is do the backup for the simplest restore. Remember when you have to restore is when something has hit the fan. You want the least number of issues, steps, rules, documents and procedures to get you from dead to restored. Whatever you think is the best/fastest restore – work backwards from there to figure out how to do you backup.

Just FWIW … NAS storage for git is probably a bad idea in the long run - but if you don’t have any choice in the matter then you’ll have to live with it. If you’re ok with the latency then all the more power to you.