Gitlab ce didn't ask to change root password

I just installed Gitlab on a centos 8 instance, after the installation and pointing the Gitlab address to the public IP. The first time I visited the IP it didn’t request I change the root password and If I try creating a new user after submitting the form it redirect to an error 500 page

Hi @dharmykoya, and welcome to the GitLab Community forum!

It sounds like there was an error during your installation.

Most likely, this is because we do not have a build or package available for CentOS 8. I do not suggest running GitLab in production on a CentOS or RHEL 8 server until we have an official build available.

You can follow our progress on CentOS 8 build of GitLab and contribute to the conversation in this issue:

and this Merge Request:

If this is not a production or mission-critical GitLab instance, you can find instructions on how to reset the root password via the gitlab-rails console here.

For troubleshooting purposes, you might check /var/log/reconfigure/<unix_timestamp>.log for any error messages during installation or configuration.

Additionally, you can tail the GitLab logs with sudo gitlab-ctl tail, reproduce 500 error, and get some additional background on what is happing just before, and resulting in, this error.

I had the same Issue in centOS7. even I did gitlab-ctl reconfigure , it didn’t work for me.
I used this option, and it work for me: How to reset your root password (with sudo you cant read gitlab-rails )