GitLab CE omnibus docker container eat disk space

Hi All:
I use GitLab CE omnibus docker image create one docker container. I map the volumes to my data hard disk, so container is on my system hard disk. I find that my system hard disk free space was eat by GitLab container very fast, almost 1GB per day.
How can I clear GitLab container’s cache to free the disk space?


are you rebuilding the container images often? You should see many of them with docker images and if that is the case, you can prune unused images. Use with care though.



There is only one image in my local image list.

Maybe the log level is too high, or something else is written quite frequently. Are you running CI jobs which store artifacts in GitLab’s backend?

Please share some more insights from your environment, such as the docker-compose file, or how you start the Docker container. Also, if you have CI jobs, analyse their artifacts for size and post your findings here.


Thank you!
I have configed the docker container log info with deamon.json file. So the log file will not eat disk space.

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