Running GITLAB CE (omnibus) on other enviroment

Hey Guys,

im using GitlabCE on my private Server.
This Server is also my Webserver, Fileserver and and and…
So ive apache and mysql running…
Gitlab comes with NginX and Postgrace… so running the second database is not a problem also the nginX would be ok but i want to customize the installation.

First id like to user SSL.
I’ve a working trusted ssl cert for my domain.

I started with using Gitlab with Apache (because im familiar with apache, ive seen nginX a few times but never troubleshoot it…).
So i added the webserver user to gitlab configuration and disabled ngin x.
I created a vhost like the (verry good) configuration exaples on gitlab repo.
I disabled my vhost just to test if gitlab runs with basic conditions.

And all worked :slight_smile:
I moved on and tryed to chance the vhost from “*” to “/git” but i dont get this running…
i tryed to enable ssl (changed link in gitlab conf, change vhost file) it seems to work but pushing buttons redirects me to no ssl version of the site -> i had to change http to https in addr line and all worked (till you push the next button)

So my actual workarround is running Gitlab with non ssl on a custom port (444) this is working but not that what i want.
I made a “proxy” side but this construct got wired. i dont like to proxy a site on my server on my server to a different port and path…

i just want to run gitlab with https://mydomain.tld/git

any one here with any solution like idea :smiley: ?